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‘Touch the Future’ Curriculum

We believe through our work at the school and the Teaching and Learning that happens through our Curriculum we all have the power to ‘Touch the Future.’

Our inspiration is taken from the words of Christa McAuliffe, who in 1986 was part of the seven-man crew of the space shuttle Challenger. She was to be the first Teacher in space, however, sadly on 28th January 1986, the flight Christa was so proud to be a part of ended in tragedy when the space craft disintegrated over the Atlantic just 73 seconds into their mission. 

Christa was selected from 11,000 Teachers to be the educational link between space and children on earth.  Her passion lay in education and she encompassed the values and ideals to inspire children and make a difference to children’s lives.  We share her desire to make a positive difference to our children’s lives by valuing them as individuals. It is a privilege to be able to teach and know that we have the capacity to influence the future. As staff we live by Christa’s words ‘I touch the future. I teach.’

Through our curriculum and work with our children we believe we have the power to touch the future and make a positive difference to society and the world we live in. Through our Curriculum we will teach the children the skills required for them to gain knowledge and develop and grow as resilient people who can successfully embrace this constantly changing world with their own knowledge, values and passion.

We believe that the knowledge we learn and the values we experience and develop personally, influence our attitude to life and can constantly affect others in the world. The processes we adopt to deliver our curriculum and our teaching and learning are based on our principles as human beings. The principles are the universal values we all share: love, happiness, respect and care, perseverance, understanding, humility, resilience and freedom. These are embedded within our school mission to love, learn, respect and appreciate.

We want the children to embrace our curriculum and their learning and understand that the knowledge and skills they learn during their time with us gives them personally the power to shape and touch the future. 
‘I touch the future. I learn.’

Together at St Oswald’s ‘We Touch the Future.’