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Catholic Life of the School

Day to day life at St Oswald’s has the Gospel values embedded in all that we do both in our work and in our play. As a school we believe it important to teach from a young age the importance of Christian values such as respect, honesty, love, patience and tolerance.

The school regularly shares whole school Masses with our Parish Community where children are given the opportunity to lead the singing, readings, prayers and offertory.  We are fortunate that the close proximity of the church to school enhances our link with the church and with Father Dave who is a regular visitor to the school.

The children regularly enjoy raising money for charities such as the Good Shepherd Appeal, the Poppy Appeal and other worthy causes. Fundraising activities raise the children’s awareness of their wider world and encourages their appreciation of others’ circumstances.

Collective Worship/Assemblies

Collective Worship is an important part of school life and takes place every day.


Each school week begins with a whole school collective worship on a Monday. This brings the children from Reception through to Year 6 together to reflect on the Gospel message from Sunday Mass and how this can be taken into our week ahead. Each Thursday parents, families, friends and the local community are invited to a ‘Celebration Assembly’ which sees children from each class presented with a ‘Star of the Week’ award for a special achievement in their work, conduct, actions or friendship. This assembly gives all children the chance to shine and for the school community to hear the things they have been doing. At the end of the assembly, everyone joins together with shared prayer time in thanksgiving.

Throughout the academic year, each class has the opportunity to plan and perform their own class ‘Rejoice’ Assembly. These assemblies are themed and link to the topic currently been explored in RE.

Assemblies bring together the children, staff, parents and the local community in the celebration and sharing of the Good News.

Class Collective Worship

Whole school Collective Worship starts the week and then classes hold daily Collective Worships for the rest of the week. Class Collective Worship is planned and carried out by the children in individual classes with support from class teachers (this varies between Key Stages).

‘Come and See’

As a Catholic primary school within the Archdiocese of Liverpool, St Oswald’s follows the ‘Come and See’ programme to teach Religious Education. Within ‘Come and See’ three topics are taught and assessed each term. Each year, selected other world faiths are taught through World Faith Days.

The termly RE Newsletter explains what your child will be learning throughout the term and provides suggestions for discussions/activities to share with your child at home. This newsletter is sent home to all parents and is posted on the website. The latest is published below.

RE Newsletter Summer 2022

Sacramental Preparation

Fr Dave and staff from the school work with the parents and children throughout this important part of the children’s journey of faith.

Religious Inspection

The schools’ most recent Religious Inspection carried out by the Archdiocese of Liverpool took place in January 2017. A copy of the Inspection Report can be found below: