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Latest News: Latest Newsletter - Thursday, July 21st, 2022

Year 4

Welcome to Mrs Neiland’s Year 4 Class

Mrs Neiland’s class e-mail address is y4@stoswaldscatholicprimary.co.uk should you have any queries regarding your child’s work (8.45am to 4.00pm).

Updates and Messages 2021/22

*Year 4 PE days for the spring term 2022 are Tuesday and Thursday

Year 4 Class News (Week 15.11.21 – 19.11.21)

This week we have enjoyed reading more of our class reader ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class. We have learned how to write dialogue using speech marks and can now start a new line when a new person speaks. I was very impressed with the way the children could use speech accurately and think of thoughtful questions they would ask Ahmet (the refugee sitting boy at the back of the class).

The children are very enthusiastic during our PE lessons and are showing a great improvement with static and dynamic balances. This week the children used the apparatus to travel along and improve their jumps. We have some very gymnastic boys and girls who are starting to move with much more care and thought about positions and style.

Year 4 are very keen to learn everything about electricity, and through some perseverance were able to make their own circuits to light a bulb, make a motor move and a buzzer buzz! They also used the torches to draw well labelled components and have some great ideas for materials to use to make their own torches. Next week we will start making our casing for our torches so start collecting recyclables in a bag to bring in for next Friday. The children know exactly what they want to make their torch. I will provide the battery, bulbs, and wires and we will be designing our own switches.

I can’t believe we have three weeks until we show you our Christmas play! We will begin rehearsing next week and the children will come home with parts and words to learn. The exact details for times and places are being finalised and I will let you know shortly where and when this will be.

We have been trying really hard to read every night and have an adult signature in our reading record books at least three times a week to earn a smiley. Thank you so much for hearing your child read regularly as reading really is the key to success. I am so pleased how fluently the children are reading and enjoying their stories.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the continued mild weather. I look forward to another action packed week of learning next week,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 8.11.21 – 12.11.21)

This week we have enjoyed our topic on electricity. We learned about where electricity comes from and what types of energy appliances use in our homes. We were then able to learn about how we can make electricity using batteries and the children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with electrical components to make circuits that lit a bulb, buzzer and motor. This knowledge will help us design and plan making our own torches. Thank you to those who brought torches into school. We used them to study their design and purpose and this gave the children lots of ideas for making their own torches.

We have started our new class reader “The Boy at the Back of the Class” which we are also using for our English lessons. The children were able to use the copies they have bought or photo copies to re-read chapter 2 and write a really thought provoking recount of Ahmet’s first day at school.

We remembered those who gave their lives to save us yesterday as we observed a minute’s silence. The children were very considerate and showed great respect and understanding. We read part of a book written by Micahel Morpurgo called “The Poppy Fields” and learned about the poppies growing at Flanders.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 class News (Week 1.11.21 – 5.11.21)

As we start a new half term, the children have been introduced to some of their new topics. We have enthusiastically discussed what we will be learning in geography about Chester and learned the meaning of new words such as agriculture, industry, retail and leisure. The children were keen to discuss these activities they know about in Warrington and compare them to what they will learn about in Chester and Rome.

We were able to finish our class reader “Shadow” this week. The children wrote some fantastic setting descriptions about how Afghanistan is today. We listened to Afghan refugee children now living in England (on Newsround) describe their thoughts and feelings, and the children were really able to empathise with them as they wrote. Our new class reader is “The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q Rauf. The author was inspired to write the book after learning about the Baby of Calais, a refugee who did not make the journey to a new life.

Christmas will be upon us soon and it will be lovely being able to perform the Nativity. Therefore a decision has been made to stage “Nursery land Revolution” in the spring term. The children are so enthusiastic (and confident) about their special production so we will continue rehearsing in class so we are familiar with the script.

Monday is a very busy day as the children need to bring their reading books, English homework, Big Maths folders and SPAG folders.

Next week, we will begin our science topic on electricity and DT topic on “Making a torch”. Please can your child bring a hand torch into school by next Wednesday so we can look at the materials and components used and look at ideas for making our own torches.

Enjoy your bonfire weekend, keep safe and have fun.  I look forward to teaching our new exciting topics next week,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 18.10.21 – 22.10.21)

As we come to the end of a very busy half term, we have completed our assessments in maths, writing, spelling and grammar and we are in the process of moving children forward with their reading. The half term test for maths is now in their folders for you to see how well they have achieved. Don’t forget an X means they have got the question right! At this stage we are hoping the children are moving towards the “yellow”, however some may still be red or even green. Extra support is always given as small group booster sessions within the school day.

We are moving forwards with our play and the children are now confident with the songs. You may find them singing a tune that is stuck in their heads. I definitely am! We are rehearsing each scene in class to get an idea of parts and positions. Next half term we will begin staging scenes in the hall.

You will find our new class overview on the school’s website at the start of next term. Our main topic is geography and we will be learning about what Chester is like and comparing this with Rome. (in preparation for our history topic on Romans in the new year). If you are thinking of a day out, a trip to Chester to look at the Roman buildings, cathedral and river Dee would be great. If you do get to visit I would love some photographs of your day out! We will also be learning about electricity in science and making a working torch in DT.

Thank you for all your support this half term with homework, reading, uniforms and getting the children to school on time, it is all really appreciated.  It has been wonderful working with the children over the last seven weeks and we really have hit the ground running since September with our learning!

Enjoy your half term and have a nice rest if you get the chance,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 11.10.21 – 15.10.21)

We have been busy this week working through the planned curriculum. In science we are learning about solids, liquids and gases changing state and there was huge excitement investigating where our ice cubes would melt the fastest in school. We weighed the cubes before and after to see how much liquid had melted. The photocopier room was the warmest and the Year 4 windowsill was the coolest. We also planted our daffodil bulbs in the pots in the garden and look forward to watching them germinating in spring.

The children have been learning the value of numbers by adding and subtracting thousands, hundreds, tens and units to a given number. Having completed the Big Maths half term test I am really pleased to see that most of the children are now confident with this concept. We have also been adding larger numbers using formal addition and, again, I have been so impressed with their confidence in carrying numbers into the next column.  Look out for their weekly skills check and half term assessment in your child’s big maths folders. Don’t forget a X is good, they have got the question right!

Although this is a long way into the future, we have received a confirmation e-mail that swimming will commence Thursday 21st April at Orford swimming pool. This is something we will all look forward to.

Now we have established our homework routines, can I remind you that maths homework is given out on Tuesday to be returned on Friday, English is given out on Wednesday with a nonfiction activity using Britannica School and an English activity which is to be returned on Monday. Can I also thank those parents who listen to their children read regularly and allow their children to achieve a smiley each Friday for reading to you throughout the week. As I am noting their fluency improving, I will be assessing individuals to see if they are ready to move onto the next book band. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible as reading is the key to their academic success.

Another fun, fast and furious week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 4.10.21 – 8.10.21)

This week the children as part of our RE work we have had the opportunity to learn more about Judaism. On Monday, we were lucky enough to have our first visitor to school in a long while! Ann Angel from the Jewish community in Manchester shared her Jewish beliefs and way of life during a whole school assembly, and later in the day, Year 4 were able find out more about celebrations and traditions with Ann. We even tried challah, a sweet tasting plaited bread. The children were fantastic and Ann commented how interested and well behaved our class were.

Also this week Year 4 were so excited to start reading our ‘Nursery-land Revolution’ play script, our exciting project with the Ambassador and Empire Theatre Group. We tried out parts and sang so enthusiastically. Hopefully, by the end of the week the children will have a better understanding of the play and we can start choosing parts.

Next week we will taking our half term maths test. Please use the Big Maths folders to go over some of the questions we have been learning. The first ten questions are most important and you can use the pupil prompts at the start of the folder to help reinforce the concepts. Good luck!

After the wild and wet weather this week enjoy the calm, warm weather that is forecast for this weekend!

 I look forward to more exciting learning next week with the children.

With my best wishes,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 27.9.21 – 1.10.21)

The children are now into a great routine of doing their maths and English homework and independently bringing books into class for marking. Everyone handed their English homework books on Monday which is fantastic.

On Wednesday we were pleased to welcome a new boy into year 4. Everyone was very excited to meet Dax and made him feel very welcome.

As we come to the end of our RE topic on family, the children have learned how Jesus had a natural family with real people with names and a history. We have learned how family are very important to us. The children will come home at the end of the week with a card showing gratitude for their family sharing a thoughtful word about how they can show respect. These cards will be read out in class as part of our collective worship.

This week, year 4 came home with a library book for you to share and talk about. I hope you enjoy talking about the pictures and content and have fun learning new facts and stories.

Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to lots more exciting teaching next week,

Mrs Neiland

Year 4 Class News (Week 20-24.9.21)

I have been really pleased with year 4’s punctuality this week with everyone eager to start each day with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. Amongst many activities inside and out, the children have enjoyed learning how to read thermometers placed in various outdoor positions, practised their hop scotching skills for PE and clearing away the last of our flowers and vegetables in the garden.

Homework has also got off to a great start. Completed work has been returned on time and lots of children are using their reading targets at home when reading aloud to parents. Thank you so much for supporting your child with their homework.

As part of the schools commitment to the performing Arts, the school has previously been involved in performances working closely with the Ambassador Theatre group, Liverpool Empire Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the past (pre-Covid in 2018 and 2019) Year 5 performed Matilda and Emile and the Detectives.  This year I am delighted that we get the chance to be involved in this project.   Yr4 have been invited to take part in this exciting Arts project and will work with and be supported by the National Theatre Company to perform a play called ‘Nursery land Revolution’.  The children have been keen to show me their acting abilities whilst reading Greek plays about Theseus and Perseus and we have just started learning some of the songs for our play.  The National Theatre Company and the Liverpool Empire Theatre will be supporting us at school this term. I will keep you updated as our work progresses.

Have a lovely weekend and here’s to another great week next week in school.

Mrs Neiland