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Spring 2022

Posted on Thursday, January 13th, 2022.

Dear Parents, family and friends,

As we begin a new year and a new school term, we look forward to building on the progress of our busy and successful autumn term – albeit with some caution as the country works its way through the current phase of the pandemic and the effects of the omicron variant of covid-19. 

It was wonderful to reopen the school in September and have the children back together as a school, instead of working within the restrictions of class bubbles that we had experienced in the previous school year due to the pandemic. As the term progressed we were able to reopen the dining room, welcome back our assemblies, restart whole school prayer time and enjoy singing again. We begin the new term cautiously, understanding that there is the possibility of reverting to some of our previous, tighter restrictions in our ways of working.

Staff continue to develop our ‘Touch the Future’ curriculum which reminds the children that everything they are learning today will help them not only today, but tomorrow, next week, next year and beyond into the future.  As staff we reflect on the words of Christa McAuliffe, her words remind every teacher of the privilege we hold…. ‘I touch the future…I teach.’ I really hope the children enjoy the exciting curriculum the Teachers cover this academic year. The children have grown in their knowledge and skills since September and we can’t wait to see how they continue to learn more, understand more and remember more throughout the remainder of the academic year.

We hope that spring will bring us some nice weather so that we can continue to really draw on the richness of our school grounds to help support the children’s learning. The children have great fun working in our outdoor classroom, in the school gardens and on the new outdoor apparatus. We will continue to make the very best of the school grounds we are so blessed to have.

It was a delight in the autumn term to work alongside two professional artists, who worked with children in Key Stage 2 developing their Art, DT and Literacy skills. We seek every opportunity to keep the ‘Arts’ alive at St Oswald’s. This term we will be taking part in the Warrington Arts Festival and will be displaying the children’s Art once again at the Gateway Centre. We will also be working with professional Theatre staff from the Liverpool Empire and National Theatre for our Y4 performance project.

Our professional sports coach Matty continues to work with our children and staff this term and we continue to promote an active and healthy lifestyle at every opportunity. The daily mile goes from strength to strength and we have plans to start a new extra-curricular running club – our keen runners should look out for that!

As a Parish, last term we were delighted to welcome back to St Oswald’s Church past pupil Bishop Tom Neylon. Bishop Tom confirmed past pupils in the church in autumn and celebrated Mass at a special welcome home Mass during Advent. Bishop Tom is looking forward to visiting the school soon and talking to the children about his time as a pupil at St Oswald’s. We very much look forward to welcoming him back to the classroom!

There really has been so much happening already this academic year, from new approaches to teaching early reading to Christmas plays performed in the church (which we just managed to fit in in time before the fast growth and spread in the last week of the Omicron Virus). Too many events to mention in this message!

Finally a special word of thanks to our amazing children who are such outstanding ambassadors for our school. Their learning behaviour, enthusiasm, manners, hard work, positive attitudes, kindness and care are an absolute joy to experience.  They all, from our youngest in Reception to our oldest in Year 6 make us all very, very proud to work with them and be part of St Oswald’s School. I thank all parents and carers for supporting the children so well in their learning journey – your help and support for your child and our school is very, very much appreciated… I thank you most sincerely for all you do to help our school to be a great place for the children.

My best wishes to you all.

H T Lennon—Head Teacher

Autumn 2021