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School Life

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School Council

Each academic year the children in the Year 1 to Year 6 classes nominate representatives to serve on the School Council.  The School Council gives the children an opportunity to have a ‘voice’ in the school, and to take on additional responsibilities such as fundraising for the school and for charity.

International Links

South Africa

In 2012, the school established links with a Primary School in Pretoria, South Africa, FF Ribeiro Primary School.

In June 2012, the Principal of FF Ribeiro, Mrs Mataludi, enjoyed a one week visit to St Oswald’s, following which Miss Lennon was able to visit FF Ribero in September 2012.  The children in both schools found the visits very exciting and enjoyed learning about school life in each other’s countries.  We have since been visited twice by the new Principal off FF Ribeiro Primary School, Mr Mokwena, and Mrs Neiland and Mrs Orwin have both had the opportunity to visit FF Ribeiro.

In July 2019, Mr Zebulon Mosana (Zeb) from FF Ribeiro visited us for one week. We look forward to maintaining our links with the school


St Oswald’s has been fortunate to also establish ties with the Dong Cheng Number 1 Primary School in Xi’an, China.  Through funding received from the British Council Miss Lennon has been able to visit Dong Cheng Number 1 Primary School in June 2013 and again in September 2014.  She brought back to St Oswald’s a great many letters written by the children which were gratefully received by St Oswald’s children who have busy writing their replies. In November 2104 we opened the doors of St Oswald’s to Mrs Wu from Dong Cheng Number 1 Primary School and Mrs Mu from another Xi’an school during their visit to Warrington. We look forward to developing the partnership during the three year ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project.


Recently we have been developing links with a school in the Spanish town of Ermua, called Ongarai.  The school is in an area of Spain in which the local Basque language is spoken.  Children at the school learn most of their lessons in Basque, but have Spanish and English language lessons as part of their curriculum. In April 2012, Mrs Roberts visited the school and began to establish links.  In Spain, the academic year stretches from January to December, unlike our academic year which runs from September to July.

Each child in our junior classes has received a letter, individually addressed and stamped to them, from a child in our new link school, Ongarai. St Oswald’s children were thrilled to receive their very own letter and got busy straight away writing their replies in Spanish.

You can see the children from OngaraiSchool writing their letters on ongarainenglish.blogspot.com.es

Friends of St Oswald’s

The Friends of St Oswald’s is a group of parents and school supporters who organise essential fund raising events for the school.  This academic year the Friends are planning  a Christmas Fayre and the ever-popular Ladies’ Night and Family Race Night to name a few.  If you would like to become involved in fundraising for St Oswald’s, or you have an idea for an event, please contact the school office.