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14 September 2018

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2018.

Welcome back to our new academic year 2018/2019.

Our doors opened to the children on Wednesday 5 September and it was great to see all our children returning to school after the holiday in their full school uniforms ready to start in their new classrooms with their new teachers. They have all made a very impressive start to the new year.

Our new reception children have joined the school part-time and will be joining us full-time from Monday 17 September. They are settling in extremely well to their new school and are quickly learning all their new routines. They have been enjoying time getting to know their new teachers Miss Morris and Mrs Fox and making friends.

I thank Father Dave for opening our school year with a beautiful Mass this week on Tuesday 11 September. Reception children who didn’t join us for this service will have their own special Mass once they are settled into school.

As always, this academic year we will again be continuing to promote and maintain the highest standards in all school areas and we ask all within our school community to join us in this aim. Please help us to achieve and maintain the highest standards at our school by:

Supporting your child’s learning through working with staff; attending parents’ evenings and meetings and supporting your child with their class work and homework so they succeed and achieve their best.

Ensuring your child proudly wears the correct uniform in school which includes; no jewellery (except plain stud ear-rings), smart hair styles – no extreme cuts, excessive hair gel or hair decorations, no make up or nail varnish, and appropriate school shoes.

Promoting excellent timekeeping and attendance, keeping term time absence for sickness only to an absolute minimum and not taking holidays during term time.

Insisting your child displays excellent behaviour, manners, conduct and shows respect and kindness towards others at all times.

Encouraging your child to take personal responsibility for their work, learning and actions.

Within our school mission we have three main strands: Learning, God and Community

At St Oswald’s we… Promote excellence in education,

Keep God at the heart of all our work and

Ensure that the school is at the center of our parish.

Staff have started our new school year by reviewing our school mission. As our year progresses I look forward to asking you for your thoughts and ideas to help you understand, strengthen and shape our school mission together further. Together I believe we can achieve great things for our children.

Last academic year we worked hard to improve on our good 2017 results. I am delighted that we achieved our aim and results across the school for 2018 are at the highest level. Local and national results are currently provisional but we are predicted to be above Warrington and national results in all year groups (Reception EYFS, Year 1 Phonics, Year 2 KS1 SATS and Year 6 KS2 SATS). I very much look forward to sharing the results with you in more detail when local and national results are confirmed.

This year we will be continuing to attain highly by maintaining our standards and offering our children a curriculum where they can learn and achieve. We will continue to ensure our school is a happy school, believing that happy children learn best!   In addition to our classroom learning this year children will be using our amazing school garden more and enriching their learning in a range of curriculum areas through our outside environment. Of course we also know that all work and no play is not a good recipe for success! This year we are launching a playground development project to develop and improve our playtime environment and experience for all our children. It looks set to be a very successful and exciting year ahead and I’m glad you and your families are part of it!

I very much looking forward to working in partnership with you all throughout this academic year to raise standards further and provide the very best for our children.

Please remember if you have any problems or concerns regarding your child, their education or school policies, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are always ready to listen and will always do our best to help.

Thanking you in advance for your support and for being part of our school family. Here’s to another great year at           St Oswald’s school.

Miss H T Lennon, Head Teacher